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Everyone is a divine being of light. Everyone is a channel for energy. Everyone is a soul in a body which I refer to as the vehicle while we are on the earth plane. The way I use my channel/vehicle with spirit is to communicate with past loved ones. The way that I connect is that I feel energy on the side of my face near my temple. When I feel that vibration I know a spirit of the light is merging with my energy in order to use my channel to communicate. In easy terms, I give them a voice. When our loved ones leave the earth body they communicate telepathically with pictures in our minds, feelings in our body, knowings that come into our minds, songs, symbols, nature and many other ways. There is nothing scary about this process. It is actually our natural state of being to receive downloads from spirit. In fact everyone is doing it and isn't aware of it. There's a saying that what you are, you attract. This is how I communicate how vibration works. When someone is sad or angry or in a lower state of emotional vibration it is harder for spirit to connect to us in order to help us. It is also harder for us to discern what is spirit vs.what is us. Spirit is not physical matter and therefore their vibration frequency is high and fast. This is not to say that sad emotions and low vibrational frequency don't serve us, in fact it does serve us as it is part of the process of allowing the full emotional spectrum to teach us. Our feelings are emotional intelligence and our connection to the divine creation energy source/God. It's our job to face those emotions and feel them fully in order to heal and grow. When we raise our energy up, Spirit communicates with ease in high vibrational energy flow. One tool I always use to raise my vibration is music. When I put on music and shift into a state of joy and freedom and singing and dancing the connections are fluid. I teach others how to find the tools that work for them. How to go into the emotions that come up and how to move through them. Spirit always says reveal it to heal it. Imagine as if you were a creature of the sea diving to the depths of the ocean then coming up to jump in the sun. Both journeys for the creature are of importance. The explorations of all parts of ourselves and our emotional body is a natural tool. I encourage you to allow yourself the room for discovery. Connecting with spirit is a beautiful and healing ability we all have. Mediumship is not a show, it is not a special gift that some have. It is our natural language on the other side. And many strengthen it in this lifetime in order to help serve others. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will guide you as spirit guides me. Xoxo

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