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Talking to Angels

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Intention creates your reality and your experience with spirit.  If I intend to create peace, healing and love from the presence of my being that is what will manifest.   If I intend ill will, confusion and fear, that is what will manifest.  There is a truth that can only be found in your own experience with allowing God, Spirit, Universe to speak to you, to take up residence in your heart.  It is our own choice to surrender to and trust the process that the divine works through you and for you and for your highest good at all times.  In the physical world we experience the feeling of separation from these entities.  We come into the earth and we forget our spiritual truth and lineage of our actual soul.  We operate in a frequency where fear and darkness aka duality exists.  The reality is that we must understand that where there is dark so to is there light.  For one does not exist without the other.  Circumstances in life including traumatic relationships, lack of love, anger, resentment, fears, etc. create this reality of duality.  Through our hardest lessons we locate within ourselves courage, love, inspiration, joy and refinement that bring the light into the darkest parts of our experience.  Many people have inquired, how do you know what spirits you speak to? How do you know that they are good? My answer to this is my intention.  I think about my many years growing up in church.  My intention to be in that space was for love, connection, spiritual truth, singing, and sometimes because my mom made me go. :)   I enjoyed many facets of going to church, I love to sing so that really served me to connect to spirit in that way, and I still connect in that way almost every day.  There are some very important facets to the church experience that I could not subscribe to.  Many times during the teaching or the reading of the bible or sermon, fear was a huge element within that structure.  Any time that energy was used to teach a lesson or to be adhered to as spiritual truth, my soul rejected it.  I wondered why I couldn't comply and accept that as truth of how to live and that God was to be feared.  To me I felt connected to God by love and by expression and by kindness.  Over many years of seeking to understand my truth vs. written word, I found examples of who and what God is in the physical world.  I realized the truth that spirit was in fact speaking through me, as I was an open channel of love and my intention was to help others.  I also realized I had been doing this my entire life with not knowing that it was happening or that it wasn't my own personal well of wisdom.  After my awakening process I learned that God/Spirit/Universe/Angels/past loved ones all have the ability to communicate, and how to know the difference of who you are talking to.  Now I have to go into this a little further in depth,  because there is lie that the devil or demons will pretend to be your loved ones.  The fears that surround talking to past loved ones based on the biblical understanding.  I am not here to disprove your limitations or your own personal truth.  I am not even here to argue this understanding.  I am here to honor, teach and hold space for any and all souls who have ever loved great enough to feel deep loss of separation from their loved ones.  Spirit is always available, they naturally heal and help guide us on our paths back to ourselves/God.  So when talking to angels or God or whatever you choose to call it,  what truly matters is the love in your heart and your intention.  Shift into the heart space of service and you will see that fear and judgment do not reside there.  Only love is real. xoxo

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