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The Disillusionment of unattainable LOVE

Updated: May 19, 2021

For God so loved the world he gave his only son.  God and Jesus represent the same body, for he gave himself to the world.  How perfect the embodiment of the deepest love is a child.  The projection of self experiencing self.  Jesus was made in the image of God; we are made in the image of God.  The body of the world is himself. All symbolic and metaphorical in nature. How we understand is from our own perception of symbolism.

If we use this example of application and completion into our own journey through life, it represents the depth of loving self and actualizing self.  How can we love ourselves to this extent? Yes, we can embrace our bodies, our minds, our actions but we often resent and repress our emotional body.  The world teaches us to feel happy and if its anything less than happy we should repress or hide those emotions for fear of judgement or vulnerability, and there is weakness in those feelings of expression.

I have observed in myself and others conversations and interactions where we are masking our feelings, where we aren't embracing our true selves in relationships because to embrace our true selves it would require us to be honest with our feelings and emotions.  We project what we feel as a defense mechanism in order to feel safe, we deflect in order to not feel pain or uncomfortability.  We use reason and logic to resist speaking our truth and embracing our emotional depths.  We apply walls  around ourselves and then feel sad because no one understands us.  Why is it so important to have others understand us? If others understand us that justifies our feelings and why they exist.  But often times we are met in relationships with others who are unable to express their truth for all these reasons.  The learned programing of self defense and self preservation.  But in that programming we are limiting our own growth and connection to our hearts value.

Our emotional body is our hearts center, which is our connection to God and our own  truth.  Our intuition is from the emotional body, which is the connection to the Divine.  If we limit or repress our emotional body, we limit and suppress our connection to life force energy.

I feel its important to allow ourselves to feel what we feel independent of justification or validation; to honor our feelings at any given moment.  When we apply logic we suppress what we feel, we feel ourselves in the victim seat of being misunderstood, not only by others, but most importantly, by ourselves.  Victimization and deflective action is our own inability to embrace our own feelings.  Victimized statements are like, this person is responsible for my feelings. The deflective action is our way to maintain feeling safe, therefore we cast our power away to the other person for responsibility of our painful or uncomfortable feelings we wish not to claim as our own.  In order for us to overcome this programming we must face our fears and our own truths of why we continue to use these methods when we know they are no longer serving us.  By getting to the root of our own rejected love of ourselves.

When a child is upset or angry or throwing a fit and you cant logically explain to them why they shouldn't feel what they are feeling, this is their connectedness to their emotional body which makes us feel uncomfortable because through time and programming we have been denied this ability to express what we feel.  Everyone loves a happy laughing child, not one that's throwing a fit...put yourself in that example.  For if you show your true emotions as an adult you fear being unlovable and misunderstood, maybe even rejected, abandoned or unworthy. 

The  way I have learned to heal these spaces in myself is allowing what I feel, observing interactions and being honest with my own distorted programing of what love is or is not.  What if what we feel in our emotional body is actually our guidance to growth and our connection to heal ourselves.  And we know in fact when we feel connected to God and to ourselves we are in our most honest space.  WE are the earth, the body, the Jesus, the God, the child.  It is through our emotions we connect to this powerful source within.  It guides us at all times and the more we develop trust within our own emotional lighthouse, the more love we have within and without.  The more you develop your own emotional body the more you shine your truest self, the more you allow love to radiate from deep within.  Let your light shine, I love your authentic self.  

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