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Stacey Nichole

I am a seeker of truth and of wisdom.  I have always had a natural ability and deep inner knowing of how to help others. Whether it be counseling, encouraging, guiding, compassionate listening and loving them for where they're at on their journey.  My main facet of service to the world is love, and through that vibration, I am able to connect with angels, guides and loved ones in order to be of service.  I hold space for others during transformation, healing, grief, trauma, spiritual awakenings and whatever it is that their soul needs at the moment in time of connecting with me.  I am a channel for divine love and a way shower of spiritual truth.  I trust spirit one hundred percent to provide what myself and others need.  This is a way of life for me, I am always connected and spirit leads me.  I am grateful for the awareness and I look forward to serving all those who continue to show up! We rise by lifting others and we realize what we are capable of when we stand in our own truth! xoxo    

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